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About Us

Mike Buishas has been tuning and repairing pianos in New York since 2010. He met Eathan Janney, the owner and lead tuner at Floating Piano Factory, the day he moved here and immediately began work as an unofficial apprentice, repairing and regulating old pianos. In 2011, he was accepted into the official FPF apprenticeship program where he spent two years refining his repair and tuning skills. Since graduating from the program in 2013, he has tuned hundreds of pianos throughout the five boroughs and gained invaluable experience from working on everything from spinets to concert grands. He is currently an associate member of the NYC chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild, holds a B.A. in Jazz Composition from Berklee College of Music, and plays the guitar, trumpet, bass, drums, and accordion in addition to the piano.

Michael Sachs is a Junior technician at Little Ear. He has been tuning and repairing pianos since 2014, initially under the guidance of Mike Buishas for the first two years. Michael has taken apart and put together many a piano, and has developed a keen ability to identify common repair issues and their best possible solutions. He has tuned hundreds of pianos over the last 5 years, working on everything from Steinway grands to the dingiest of Spinets.  In addition to being passionate about piano care, Michael leads and co-leads a variety of different chamber, indie, and alternative jazz groups that play regularly around the New York area. Michael holds a B.A. in composition from Berklee College of Music and an M.A. in woodwind performance from New England Conservatory.

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