At Little Ear, we've tuned and serviced hundreds of pianos for classical pianists, hip-hop producers, singer-songwriters, recording studios, venues, churches, schools, and homes. In addition to being expert technicians with years of experience tuning and repairing pianos, we are practicing musicians who have led countless groups for which we have composed, arranged, and recorded.  

Crucial to the art of tuning a piano is the ability to listen to over 200 strings and determine the frequency at which each one will vibrate. A sensitive and well-tuned ear is indispensable for this task. Fortunately, as musicians, we're constantly listening.

Here are just a few of the New York City artists and organizations who have entrusted the care of their pianos to us:


Electric Lady Studios
Sufjan Stevens
Ethan Iverson
LCD Soundsystem
Damien Rice
Anais Mitcheel
American Opera Projects
International Contemporary Ensemble
Abrons Art Center
The Silent Barn
Figure 8

Michael is fantastic! Super knowledgeable and friendly, and he took great care of my old and weather-beaten piano, making it sound amazing. So great!
— Kate P.
For real, this piano sounds **completely** different than it did before! Like, it sounds like a totally different piano. I still can’t believe it . . .
— Kristen R.
They’re the best! Top-notch piano tuning and care from the nicest guys in town.
— Keith N.
Best piano tuner in Brooklyn. Ears and fingers and hands down! So many piano tuners in the past have rushed through their job not thinking of the endless hours I would spend at the piano dealing with their work. Michael has always done incredibly sensitive and thorough work on my instrument.
— Steven L.
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